Georgialina expanding physical therapy clinics in Georgia

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Georgialina Physical Therapy Associates broke ground on a new headquarters building recently as the rapidly growing company continues to open new facilities.

Georgialina expects to invest more than $1 million in a 10,000-square-foot building located in North Augusta at 440 W. Martintown Road, a block away from its current office. The company plans to occupy half the space with offices and a clinical facility. The remaining space will be occupied by other medical offices.

The company is also set to open its tenth facility near Riverwood Plantation in the Addison Square office building.

Brett Brannon, the managing partner of Georgialina Physical Therapy Associates, told a reporter for The Augusta Chronicle it is his goal to have a location within a 10 minute drive of every potential client in the August-Aiken metro area. He credits the boom in physical therapy to an overall growth in the aging population and an increase in the volume of patients able to access care through the Affordable Care Act.

Brannon said he attributes much of the practice’s growth to an overall aging population, increased use of physical therapy as a lower-cost treatment option, and the open-access nature of the industry in South Carolina, where patients can see a physical therapist without a physician’s prescription.

The company has also opened a location in South Carolina on the outskirts of Charlotte. In South Carolina, patients can seek the help of a physical therapist without a physician’s referral.

Georgialina has successfully pursued a variety of referral sources. According to Brannon, the company cared for cases from more than 400 different referral sources in a recent month, including attorneys, workers’ compensation insurers and managed care companies. He said most physical therapy providers rely on orthopedic practices for the majority of their referrals.

Future plans call for a Georgialina clinics in Thomson and metro Atlanta, and the company is looking for a location for another Columbia County clinic.

Brannon believes in the importance of real estate to Georgialina’s growth. Convenient locations lead to better patient compliance, which translates to better patient outcomes spurring more patient referrals.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle 

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