Comodo sites cyber security sales in Midtown Atlanta

ATLANTA — Comodo Group Inc., a cybersecurity firm, has opened a marketing and sales office in Midtown Atlanta.

Comodo’s cloud-based security system protects companies from spam, malware and cyber attacks. The Atlanta office is located in Midtown’s Proscenium office tower. The firm will employ up to 30 sales and marketing professionals.

Atlanta is home to a number of companies that are targets for cyber attacks, including several large health care, retail, logistics and financial firms.

“From local universities to technology start-ups, the city of Atlanta is a great location for sales and marketing talent with ties directly to technology,” Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu said in a statement. “We know opening this new office in Atlanta will be a great opportunity to bring in more great talent to the Comodo family.”

There are more than 115 information security companies in Georgia, which generate more than $4.7 billion in annual revenue and represent about 25 percent of the worldwide security revenue market share.

Georgia companies employ more than 10,000 network and computer systems engineers and software and IT services represent 27 percent of Georgia’s tech employment sector. Atlanta is a growing hub for technology and innovation with more than 13,000 technology companies. Projections show over the next three to five years tech companies will invest more than $1 billion in Georgia.

The new Atlanta office will be headed up by Kathryn Stover, vice president of marketing, who recently joined Comodo from First Data. Comodo’s headquarters remains in Clifton, New Jersey.  The company also has operations in  China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Source: Comodo

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle


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