Cyber startup Bastille expands in Atlanta

ATLANTA – Bastille, a cyber security startup based in Atlanta, will relocate into a larger office space in order to expand its workforce. The company has announced plans to move into a 10,000-square-foot space in Brickworks Atlanta, a mixed-use redevelopment located in West Midtown.

According to an article in Atlanta Business Chronicle, Chris Rouland, CEO of Bastille, said he expects the company will double its workforce in the next year. The company currently employs 30.

Bastille provides an innovative system that scans a client’s air space, giving visibility to every device on the premises that emits a radio frequency. Using an array of sensors, Bastille monitors the wide spectrum of wireless devices that operate the “internet of things,” including HVAC systems, wireless printers, scanners and photocopiers, and other devices that communicate using wireless technology.

Bastille’s software continually scans the network traffic to find spyware or suspicious behavior from unauthorized devices.

Bastille is in beta mode and currently has pilot customers. The company plans to have an enterprise-ready product early next year.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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