Georgia trade numbers break all records, again

ATLANTA — Georgia experienced a record increase in both exports and imports for the fifth consecutive year in 2014. State exports increased by 4.9 percent  while imports increased by 11.5 percent, according to a recent news release from the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Information from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the state maintained its ranking in exports as the 11th-largest exporting state in 2014. Georgia also moved from the eighth largest importing state to the country’s seventh largest importing state.

Georgia’s top 10 export countries accounted for 55 percent of its total exports. Canada, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom rank as Georgia’s top four export destinations. Among the top 10 export destinations, the largest percentage increase in exports was in South Korea, Germany, Brazil and Australia.

Georgia led the nation in the export of chemical woodpulp, poultry, kraft paper and paperboard, chemical products including insecticides, carpets and other textile floor coverings, and kaolin. Georgia’s leading export industries ranked by dollar value were aircraft/spacecraft, nonelectric machinery, nonrailway vehicles, electrical machinery and paper/paperboard. Since the announcement of the National Export Initiative in 2010, Georgia’s exports have increased 36.2 percent.

The state’s imports outpaced exports by approximately $44.4 billion. Georgia ranked seventh among U.S. states and first in the Southeast in dollar value of imports. Georgia’s top five importing countries included China, Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Canada. Among Georgia’s 10 largest importer nations, the largest increase was from Germany, followed by Canada and Italy.

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Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development

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